We thought you might enjoy some images of Boudreau (formerly Brady) who is now 6 Months and 50lbs. He is a joy and a beloved family member.
The Blais Family


 Hi Rachel,

    Hope all is well with you and your family.  Just wanted to give you an update on Chase.  Needless to say I love him to pieces!  He is such a social little guy.  The minute he sees someone whether we're walking through the neighborhood or out on a long walk through Chase Farm (his name sake) he just wiggles up to people and licks them to death.  He's also turned out to be wicked smart.  At 9 wks old he learned how to shake both paws, speak, lay down and roll over.  I often have him off leash at Chase Farm which is wide open fields and paths he stays right with me and if he goes just a little ahead of me I just call his name he immediately stops what he's doing and whips right around and runs back.  His first visit to the vet he weighted 11 lbs.  Four weeks later at his second visit he weighted 20lbs.  Needless to say he's growing like a little weed.  I think he strongly resembles his mother.  He's long and lean and has a longer nose.  Well, seeing we were having such good luck with Chase, we got a second golden retriever puppy the first week of September.  I was a little nervous about having two puppies but it has worked out really well.  Chase was a little jealous at first but now they are inseparable They do everything together.  It's been great for Chase to have a little brother.  They are only 7 wks apart.  I've included a picture so you can see what Chase looks like.  We couldn't be happier with him.  Just thought I would give you an update.  Thanks again for a wonderful puppy!
Hi Rachel

Just a quick note to send a few pictures of the puppies. They are doing fine both health wise and in getting accustomed to our home. They are full of energy and definetely are keeping us on our toes. They are a joy to have and make our home complete again.
We have renamed them. Remy is now called Lucas and Bruschi is now called William. William is named in honor of Kathy's father. He was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and he has loved Golden Retrievers his whole life. Ever since Kathy was a small child they have had Golden's as pets.
Hi Rachel,
Sorry its been a few months, but I wanted to check in and tell you that Ace, now
named Rocky, is doing great in his new home. He's done with all of his early vet
visits and is in good health, and is actually graduating from puppy obedience
school on Saturday! He is very active and friendly with everyone he encounters,
and has been a perfect addition to the family. I attached a picture for you
here, he has gotten so big I cant even believe it. Hope all is well with you

Hello Rachel,

Hope everything is well with you & your family. Here are a couple of pictures of Brady at 3 months old. He is doing great. He weighs 36lbs now and is graduating from doggy school tomorrow. Everyone comments on how beautiful and well behaved he is. He is a great dog :). Do you still have the other puppies? Would you send us some pictures of them? Thanks Sandra
Hi Rachel,
We've had a busy and interesting couple of days getting acquainted with the Duke. He's a beautiful animal, and we're finding how intelligent and calm he is. He has a wonderful personality, and we are very pleased with him.
He met Tahni yesterday, and they got along famously. They have very similar personalities. By the time we took her home this afternoon, they were almost like mother and son in their behaviors. I've taken a couple of pictures, and I'll send them via my phone soon.
I made an appointment today with the vet for Wednesday for Duke's first visit to Sutton Animal Hospital. I anticipate a very good visit. The vets there are both very good people. I took Tahni there this afternoon, and she's diagnosed with a little osteoarthritis, but is still quite chipper. She enjoys her visits there.
Again, we are very impressed with the great job you have done in breeding and raising the puppies. He stands out from the crowd in all aspects.
I will keep in touch from time to time, and will send some pictures.
We've been meaning to write you for some time to update you on Rugby (Goldador, now 16 weeks old and 30 lbs.). We are so glad we decided to add him to our family. He's so good natured and smart. He loves to stop and say hi to everyone he comes across, which makes walking through the city a bit time consuming, but we wouldn't have it any other way! He makes friends everywhere he goes. He's so trainable--will do anything for a treat and picks things up so fast--needless to say he is exactly what we were looking for in a dog.

I hope your family is well and enjoying the summer.  I
thought you would enjoy a picture of Willow, it was taken last night at a cancer
patient facility that he visits 2 times a week.  He loves his job and he does it
so well, he definitely works the crowd.  He also has 2 hospice patients that he
visits so he is very busy.
With a year of training that we engaged in, it has
paid off, he is so wonderful.  He loves to entertain them with tricks, or just
giving them the attention that each and everyone needs.  He is so smart when I
tell him we have to go to a visit he gets his vest and leash and is more than
willing to go.  If he is at a facility more than once - the next time he can
direct me there once we are out of the car even if it is a couple of block away.
He brings so much joy and comfort to everyone.  I can't imagine life without him
and just to think what a rough start all of us had but I always said it wasn't
Willow fault, with my daughter's illness he suffered being alone way too

Enjoy the warm weather, it always seems whether it is snow, storms or
whatever it always hits Royalston and we think of you when we hear the

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