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                The Golden is divided into two groups. The first group is the English Golden. They are bigger-boned and shorter. They also have longer coats that tend to be white or a light cream color. The American group tends to be lanky with longer limbs and a darker coat color. In temperament they are both pretty much the same but the English golden tend to be a little bit more mellow.



            The Golden Retriever was developed in Britian during the 1800s. The man that started the breed was Lord Tweedmouth. His desire was to produce a dog that was skillful in hunting, tracking, and retrieving. It is believed that the breed began by crossing a yellow dog with a now-extinct Tweed water spaniel. Behold, the Golden Retriever! They were first shown in England (listed as Golden-flat coats) in 1908. In 1913 they obtained seperate status when the Golden Retriever club formed. The Golden was brought here around 1890s, and they were not presented in dog shows until the 1920s. The first golden was registered by AKC in 1925.



      Golden Retrievers are the worlds foremost family pet and companion. They also make excellent service dogs and hunting dogs on the land and in the water. They are outgoing and social, they make a loyal family pet. Their sweet dispostions make them patient and gentle with children and other pets. These dogs are people lovers who prefer not to be left alone long periods of time. Golden Retrievers do not make the best guard dogs. They will bark at strangers, but seem to be more interested in meeting and making friends with them than they are defending their family. They are an active breed. These fun loving dogs enjoy nothing more than to play fetch or retrieve a stick during play. They also love to go for a swim. Their high level of intelligence enables them to excel in obedience training. 



                The Golden's double coat is important to brush daily with a firm bristle brush. They are moderate shedders and become heavy shedders in the spring months. Trimming the coat can be done on occasion. They should be dry shampooed regularly, and bathed when needed with a mild shampoo. Keep their nails short and clean their ears and teeth regularly.




           The Golden needs to be taken out on a daily brisk, long walk, jog, or run beside you when you bicyle. In addition they like to retrieve balls, sticks, frisbees, etc...Also a nice swim on a hot summer day.

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